December 15, 2017

Why the “magic” meal shake diet is making you fatter

I’m speaking to more and more people on a regular basis that are coming to us after doing one of the various heavily marketed meal replacement shake “diet” programs out there in the market place.

The story is always the same they experience a very quick initial weight loss followed by a period of stagnation then in most cases rebound and regaining all or even sometimes extra weight than when they started.

If you are thinking of going down this route then you need to get to grips with a couple of things first…….

1. Most of your body is made out of water, and of course, fat and muscle.

2. When you go on diet that either restricts your calorie intake too much or cuts out an entire category of food, like a protein shake diet, it’s possible to see the scale go down by 7 to 10 pounds in one week but that’s usually not fat loss it’s water and glycogen.

On any diet once you’ve lost some water weight, what you lose next is either fat or muscle.

But really you want to lose fat and no muscle.

Losing muscle mass causes your metabolism to drop, because muscle burns more calories than fat, but you become susceptible to bone loss and your immune capacity is decreased. Lose muscle and slip back in to bad habits and you will likely regain your weight plus some additional!

Even better is to actually increase your muscle mass and lose to fat at the same time, however this is the second problem. People are being told by the shake sellers that they are gaining muscle weight…… and lots of it.

Ive seen claims of people gaining 2lbs of muscle per week….. to me with my background this really confirms that these guys don’t know what they are doing.

Here is an extract from a study.

The Colgan Institute of Nutritional Sciences (located in San Diego, Calif.) run by Dr Michael Colgan PH.D., a leading sport nutritionist explains that in his extensive experience, the most muscle gain he or any of his colleagues have recorded over a year was 18 1/4 lbs. Dr Colgan goes on to state that “because of the limiting rate of turnover in the muscle cells it is impossible to grow more than an ounce of new muscle each day.”

So based on this non biased and athlete tested research we are to conclude that a rate of muscle gain of 1.5lbs per MONTH would be classed as exceptional and yet housewives are gaining 2-4lbs per week????? I will let you draw your own conclusions on that one!

So to summarise , you want to lose FAT and maintain or increase MUSCLE, you can only achieve this with a ┬ábalanced diet that includes enough macros – protein, carbohydrate and fats and doesn’t make you lose too much “scales” weight too quickly like consuming too few calories would do, and by incorporating resistance training into your workouts be it bodyweight or external resistance.

Don’t fall for false promises and if you see stats that are too good to be true…… they probably are!


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