December 15, 2017

T’s & C’s

Terms and Conditions

The Body Fix Boot Camp program runs in 4 week blocks.

Your payment is for this consecutive 4 week period and sessions cannot be carried forward in to other blocks.

We have limited places available in each time slot and bookings are only guaranteed upon receipt of payment unless you are signed up to one of our 6 or 12 month memberships which guarantees your place for that time slot.

If you have signed up for membership then it is based on 6 or 12 CONSECUTIVE months. If you cancel your membership or fail to make a payment before expiry of the term it will be treated as a breach of the membership terms and payment in full of the discounted amount will be due immediately.

EG: If you opt for a 6 month membership at £77 per month you have received a £20 per month discount. If you then cancel your membership after 3 months the discount received for that period is £60 and you will be invoiced for that amount.

In the event of injury accompanied by a letter from your doctor or physio membership may be frozen but not the payments.

Payments must be made monthly by standing order.

Cancellation of membership is required in writing giving 30 days notice.