February 25, 2018

Success Stories

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Angela and Mike ditched the gym!

“Mark’s concept for Bootcamp has given us both great results. Not only have we both lost a significant amount of weight, we both feel fitter, stronger and more supple.

The great thing about Bootcamp is that the time-based exercises allow you to work at a level to suit you ability and fitness. Mark creates a fantastic friendly atmosphere that motivates and he is diligent in ensuring that exercises are correctly executed.

His comprehensive and varied programme has invigorated us. No more wasted hours in the gym for us – 45 mins, three times per week at Bootcamp has done the trick.”

Angela and Mike Stewart (Riccall)





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ange before and after

Danny totally changed his physique

”My journey on boot camp began the same as everyone else’s I suspect. I looked down, realised my toes appeared to have retreated inwards towards my ankles, gave a sigh of resignation, and sat down to the bar of dairy milk (other chocolate products are of course available) and pondered the injustice of it all. How could I, a husband and father of three, working full time in a stressful job, ever find the time or inclination to both diet AND get myself fit?

Luckily for me the answer passed before my eyes in the shape of a blue van that passes down our street each morning at some ungodly hour.

In the time it takes to say ‘yes, Danny, I had signed up and the very next day my fate was sealed.

Like many of you cynical souls out there, I was less than convinced that I would have the will or ability to sustain a programme that asked me to eat less of the foods that I love and, to add insult to injury, turn up at 6.15am 3 mornings a week and have my weak and feeble frame subjected to 45 minutes of ruthless injury applied to it. Those platitudes on the website from Mark that it was nothing like BMF seemed hollow words…

How wrong I was. In Body Fix Boot Camp I have found the solution to my weight loss problem and a healthy eating programme that I have found I can actually keep to. The sessions are tough, make no mistake about that, but a clinically obese man was able to complete the full 28 days without missing a session, to work as hard as his body could manage, and to come out of it at the end feeling like a new person. The sessions are light hearted and fun (despite the burning sensations in places you did not think could burn), and the camaraderie between like minded souls all trying to achieve their own fitness goals inspired me to always give of my best, particularly on those occasions where you need to work in pairs as a team.

Mark has helped me to love exercise again, and strive to be some facsimile of the fit athlete I once was before life got in the way. I have lost 15lb in the space of the 28 day cycle. No diet plan or exercise regime has ever got close to those results, and I feel fantastic. Full of energy, and more in tune with my body and what it needs than I have ever been.

For those who read this quietly guffawing into their KFC bargain bucket I simply give this advice. If you are unhappy with the image that looks back at you in the mirror (as I was) and want to change who you are and be the kind of full of life parent, partner of friend you have always wanted to be, give the Body Fix Boot Camp a try. You will be amazed at the difference it can make if you put your mind to it.”

Danny Fischbach (Riccall)