December 15, 2017

Personal Training

Mark Tipping is now widely regarded as one of the leading results based Personal Trainers in Selby, Goole, York and the surrounding area.

Mark was named in the 2012 World Fitness Elite as seen in the Independent and USA Today Newspapers.

With over 10 years experience and a vast range of skills and qualifications he is dedicated to getting you the results you want EVERY time. In fact if you don’t then he doesn’t want your money and offers a 100% money back guarantee to prove it!

At our fully equipped private Personal Training studio in Riccall  you will work one to one with your trainer on all areas of your health and fitness.

Please don’t confuse us with a gym though…. we don’t simply put you on a treadmill or rowing machine and “supervise” your workout our skills as coaches allow us to identify when to push and when to back off and our understanding of biomechanics allows us to use more interesting non conventional training items.

How to get your body back!

Exercise doesn’t have to be a battle, your goals needn’t seem impossible and you don’t even have to go to the gym!!

You see I believe we have created the Ultimate Fat Loss Success System , since I started using it with my clients it has been so successful I have received referral after referral because it’s unlike anything they have ever experienced.

Wouldn’t it be amazing if in just a few weeks from now you have literally destroyed that muffin top, banished your bingo wings, you’ve dropped a dress or jean size, feel fitter than ever before, have a firm flat stomach and can slip on your bikini or board shorts knowing that you look fantastic.

Our M.E.R.I.T system is guaranteed to destroy all those stubborn pockets of body fat and make you the envy of your work colleagues, friends and everyone you meet. YOU can achieve anything you want by following it, but only if you’re serious about RESULTS.

To my knowledge there is no other Personal Trainer in the area that can guarantee results AND who’ll give you your money back if you don’t achieve that

There are no magic wands, no points counting no calorie counting just a tried and tested nutrition system supported by thoroughly researched training methods.

Not only will body fat literally melt but your skin, hair and nails will be healthier, your energy levels higher and sleep quality vastly improved.

There are two types of people when it comes to fitness and weight loss……

ACTION TAKERS and EXCUSE MAKERS , If you are an action taker then apply to train with us and we will start you off on your body transformation journey but if you are an excuse maker then carry on blaming lack of time, work, family commitments and anything else you can, as a business owner and parent I know exactly how hard it can be but I have strategies to overcome all of these issues.

Still interested? Read on….

How can you train with us?

My reputation is very important to me, I offer a money back guarantee and for that reason I do have a client criteria and don’t simply accept every client that calls or emails asking to train.

We offer one to one training in a a private studio or you can train at one of our Boot Camps.

To meet our Personal Training criteria you must:-

Train with us at least once a week with us for a MINIMUM of 8 weeks

Find 5 minutes per day to complete your progress journal and bring it to each session.

Follow one of our whistle stop (30 mins max) home training programs a minimum of 1 day a week. (dependant on how many sessions you do with your trainer)Dave Before and after pics

Be prepared to follow our nutrition system for the first 14 days of the program and the integration procedure afterwards. (though for ultimate results 30 days would be better)

Put 100% effort in all aspects of the fat-loss process both diet and training

Maintain a positive ‘can do’ attitude throughout your time with us.

Understand that regardless of what you have done in the past our system gets results in shorter time scales and more efficiently than anything else you’ve experienced.

Understand that we don’t charge ‘per hour’ and you cannot ‘pay as you go’.

So in 30 days time do you want to be in exactly the same position you are now or do you want to be full of energy, every time you leave the house have people commenting on how amazing you look and are complementing you on your ‘new’ body, asking what your secret is. You can fit easily into those jeans again; in fact you can wear anything you want!


4 Week Fast Track

  • Functional Movement Screening
  • Nutrition Evaluation and Plan
  • Recipe Book DownloadsJM before and after website
  • 8 Personal Training sessions
  • 4 Weeks worth of home workouts
  • Access to Client only members area


8 Week Challenge

  • Functional Movement Screening
  • Nutrition Evaluation and Plan
  • Recipe Book Downloads
  • 16 Personal Training sessions
  • 8 Weeks worth of home workouts
  • Access to Client only members area
  • 8 Weeks supply of Fish Oils
  • 8 Weeks supply of ZMA supplement


12 Week Transformation

  • Functional Movement Screening
  • Nutrition Evaluation and Plan
  • Recipe Book Downloads
  • 24 Personal Training sessions
  • 12 Weeks worth of home workouts
  • Access to Client only members area
  • Progress and evaluation manual