December 15, 2017

If you think you can or think you can’t you’re probably right!

I like to think that mentally I’m quite “fit”, by that I mean that I have spent most of my life using some element of discipline around sport.

Training sessions that have been tough, games when you have 10 minutes left but think you have given everything but you have to keep going.

You get the voices in your head, the ones telling you to quit, the ones telling you to keep going…… generally its whichever voice shouts loudest that wins. 12112304_10154336149919778_5739688263793821762_n

I have a Diploma in Sports Psychology and I often think that helps me when it comes to preparing clients for events but its funny how I don’t always apply it to myself.

Most people that know me will have heard me say “I’m not a runner” , I genuinely think I’m not and because I’ve said it so many times internally and externally I have started to really believe it.

Doing the Major Series North on Sunday, a 12km Obstacle Run was to be honest quite daunting for me and my preparation hadn’t exactly gone to plan.

That said on Sunday morning in a chilly field at Bramham Park I stood there, trainers carpet taped on to my feet ready to go with my usual hill walking buddies. I was up for it, I wanted to put in a decent performance, my internal dialogue was on overdrive whilst externally I was trying to look relaxed.

Without boring you with a blow by blow account of the event I can summarise it in one short sentence……. I LOVED IT! 10539123_10154336150004778_5704595475842108300_n

I found running on the soft ground fairly easy, enjoyed wading chest deep through the stench trenches, summersaulting over the scramble net, crawling under barbed wire, nets and the epic slide towards the end.

After checking my final time of 1 hour 49 minutes a fairly respectable time given that we stuck together as a team it turns out that whilst I may not be Mo Farrah, I can actually run a bit.

Moral of the story….. If you think you CAN or think you CAN’T you are probably right.

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