December 15, 2017

Bank Holiday Sale

Who Else wants to drop a clothes size, shift stubborn body fat, sky rocket their metabolism and improve their health in just 28 days at our Fitness Boot Camp…GUARANTEED?

Would you like to find out the nutritional secrets that the diet clubs and food manufacturers don’t want you to know?

Does any of this sound familiar?

Favourite clothes that are too snug hanging in your closet collecting dust
Feeling bloated, fat and unhappy with what you see in the mirror
The thought of exposing your flesh on Holiday or over Summer terrifies you
Feeling ‘frumpy’ and trying to hide your body with baggy clothes
Going to the gym but seeing absolutely no results and getting no attention from the instructors
Drifting in and out of fitness classes but not seeing any real progress
Feeling sluggish, irritable and having an energy crash EVERY afternoon
Your busy schedule keeping you from feeling fit and looking good
Fed up with spending your hard earned cash on promises of weight loss,
only to be let down
Fat hormones making you gain weight

Here’s the good news… It DOESN’T have to be like this!

Ric testimonial
It may seem too good to be true but in fact, the formula is a combination of healthy balanced nutritional planning and Metabolism elevating workouts. Its a lot simpler than you think with just 3 x 45 minute exercise sessions per week

THIS IS NOT A QUICK FIX! When you follow the plan you can achieve oustanding results in your first 28 days but we work with you to create life long habits that are manageable in modern day busy lifestyles.

You have tried every diet going
You have daily stress (that releases the fat storage hormone, cortisol)
You’re REALLY busy, it’s challenging to find time to be healthy and fit.
The thought of waiting to get on exercise equipment in a stuffy, sweaty gym just doesn’t appeal to you
The thought of being on boring, useless cardio equipment for hours makes you cringe
You need someone to push and motivate you


But let’s be honest you have probably heard all this before but the difference with our Camps is that they have a positive effect on your health, no potions, powders, points or syns with us and we put our money where our mouth is with our money back guarantee!

*** HALF PRICE SALE 1 DAY ONLY on MONDAY £26th August ***

JUST £48.50

Available for new customers only and for the 9:30am Monday, Wednesday, Friday sessions at Hemingbrough starting on 2nd September 2013