December 15, 2017

6 Week Program

We are a results driven and energetic fitness and fat loss workout program that includes motivation, accountability and dynamic resistance training; all designed to get you the body that you want in a safe, fun and non-intimidating atmosphere.

Every workout session is led by an experienced, certified personal trainer with over 11 years experience and is designed to be fun, supportive and challenging whilst burning maximum fat, in minimum time.

Personalization is key to getting the best possible results, which is why our workout programs are modified to fit your goals and individual fitness level.

Our workout programs are done in a group setting which makes them fun, motivating, challenging AND it keeps the cost of the program affordable compared to private one-on-one personal training sessions.  So you get all the RESULTS you want for a fraction of the price!

Now I know what you may be thinking…

  • You have little to no time for yourself to get in shape
  • You have trouble sticking to a fitness routine
  • You hate working out for hours in a gym without seeing results
  • You lack the motivation to get in shape
  • You don’t know where to start
  • You don’t know what to eat and you hate diets

But… Don’t worry, with our After Burn effect you can achieve Faster Fat Loss in less than an hour a day in a Fun, Energetic, Non-Intimidating Atmosphere. Plus you’ll be melting fat, building lean toned muscle and kicking your metabolism into high gear!

How will it work?

  • We set a 6 week goal
  • We record your starting weight and measurements
  • We look at habits that hinder and habits that help weight loss
  • You can attend as many sessions as you want (from our timetable below)
  • You follow our 6 week nutrition plan
  • We support you throughout the 6 week program
  • At the end of the 6 weeks we review your weight and measurements
  • If you have followed the plan you can expect to have lost minimum 10lbs in the 6 weeks (our most recent plan saw people losing 12-14lbs in 6 weeks)
Time Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
6.15am Bootcamp BoxFit Bootcamp BoxFit Bootcamp -
8.15am - - - - - BoxFit
9.30am Bootcamp - Bootcamp - Bootcamp
6.15pm - Bootcamp - Bootcamp** -

All sessions are at Riccall Regen Centre, Landing Lane, Riccall, YO19 6PW

What do I do next?

So that we can ensure we support you during the 6 weeks we are limiting it to just 6 places and it costs just over £16 per week for unlimited sessions and access to your Personal Trainer for any questions and support.

The Program starts on Monday 4th August 2014 and runs for 6 weeks

To register for one of the places please click below. We will then get in touch via the email address on your paypal account to provide all details needed.